Project Description

Makarska is the heart of Dalmatia.

Makarska is the heart of Dalmatia and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. It is located below the Biokovo nature park in the seaside bay between the Cape of Osejava and the peninsula of St. Peter. Biokovo is a specious rocky mountain in the interior of the coast and is known for its rich flora and fauna and a beautiful landscape. It is also the highest mountain in Dalmatia with more than thirty footpaths, some of which are easier, some are harder to overcome. In addition to the remains of an ancient settlement and several caves, the mountaineers can find their oasis in the Biokovo botanical garden.

Beautiful city beaches call for a full day enjoyment, and all those who like to be alone can find numerous peaceful bays around Makarska.

In addition to dynamic nightlife and quality gastronomic experinces, Makarska offers its visitors a rich cultural and artistic heritage.
Everyone who visits Makarska will certainly come back again. With its charm, it will equally enchant those who enjoy laying on the beaches and swimming in the clear sea, as well as those who enjoy sightseeing of historical and cultural sights and museums. And the party lovers will have their way here too.

Do not miss it

• Taste Makarska specialties such as Rafioli (a delicious dough, filled with a sweet mixture of walnuts), Torta Makarana (a real treat consisting of almonds) and Viške Kroštule.
• Visit the Franciscan monastery and see the unique collection of shells.
• Enjoy the nightlife of vibrant Makarska Riviera with outdoor music and summer cocktails


1. Franciscan monastery
In the Franciscan monastery, which has celebrated the 500th anniversary of its existence, there is a pinacotheca, a library and a unique Malacological Museum with numerous shells. In the museum you can see over 3000 different species from the Adriatic and other world seas.

2. Church of St. Mark
In the central city square, the main attraction is the Church of St. Mark. It is interesting that its construction started in the 1700s and has never really been completed. On several occasions the church was expanded, new details were added, and this extension lasts until today.
Nearby is the Baroque Venetian Fountain from 1775.

3. Kalelarga Street
Kalelarga, as the locals like to call it to preserve their traditions or The Wide Street (Široka ulica) as it is called by those who want to preserve Croatian language and its terminology, is located west of the main town square of Friar Andrija Ka?i? Mioši?. In the past, Kalelarga was the main destination and heart of the city, where many important events took place. Since 1994, every year a traditional festival known as the Night of the Kalelarga is held. It is an event that attracts more and more visitors each year.

4. Peninsula St. Peter
During your stay in Makarska we recommend you visit the peninsula of St. Peter, a park with a walkway located at the entrance to the city harbour. The peninsula of St. Peter is the place where love couples like to go and enjoy the beautiful nature away from the city, which you can see by the many locks the couples put there to leave a sign of their love. On the peninsula there is also a church dedicated to St. Peter dating back to the 13th century, in front of which there is the statue of St. Peter. Come and leave a remaining mark of your love on this beautiful peninsula.

5. Biokovo Nature Park
Today it is a park of nature, an excursion site with many marked hiking trails, endemic plant species and a rich animal world. It is a unique contrast between almost two thousand meters of high-altitude mountain and gentle coastline. It is just a half an hour drive along a well-groomed road through the natural park until you reach the heights of which the view of the city and surrounding islands is unrepeatable. You can go on foot or by car to Biokovo to the very tip of St. George from where one can see the entire Makarska Riviera with the islands and on the other side of Zagora and Hercegovina. We believe that you will also take unforgettable moments from one of the most beautiful mountains in Croatia.

Guests enjoy a rich calendar of events, summer evenings, fishermen festivals, performances, concerts …
On Star?evi? Square, various events and cultural and entertaining programs are held almost daily. In many cafes, disco bars and clubs, there are a programs for all tastes.