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It is surrounded by unique 1940 meters long medieval walls….

It is surrounded by unique 1940 meters long medieval walls, which are preserved in its original form and open to visitors as the greatest attraction of Dubrovnik. As one of the first in Croatia, since 1979 the city enjoys the protection of the world organization of UNESCO. Due to its rich history, geographical position, mild climate, traditional courtesy, knowledge and experience in tourism Dubrovnik is recognized as a top destination in the world of tourism.
The cultural offer of the city is constantly enriched, because the guests of Dubrovnik are searching for high quality experiences. A great number of tourists are coming to Dubrovnik motivated by cultural events and unforgettable experiences in the evenings when the full moon spills its mark in the peaceful bay and from the atrium of the Dubrovnik Palace reaches the divine sound of musical virtuosos.
“Dubrovnik is also a destination for enjoying your vacation, extremely well connected with all major European centres by many airlines. Dubrovnik is a fascinating town, easy to fall in love with and come again, searching for its innumerable stories, discovering a unique experience.

The sight of the luxury cruisers in front of the old city port testifies on the importance of Dubrovnik as the most powerful cruise destination in Croatia, the fifth port of the Mediterranean for these ships, for which the southernmost Croatian city has become an unavoidable part of the itinerary.
In recent years, Dubrovnik has also become a City Break destination, due to its growing airline connections throughout the year.


1. Town walls with fortresses
Dubrovnik’s city walls are the biggest attraction for visitors and one of the most well-preserved fortification systems in Europe. They are 1940 meters long, including five fortresses, and sixteen towers and bastions.

2. Lovrjenac
To the west of the old town on a 37-meter-high cliff is the fortress Lovrjenac, symbol of the survival and freedom of Dubrovnik, which served for the defense of the city and the western gate of Pila.

3. Stradun
In the old times the people of Dubrovnik entered the town through the two main entrances, eastern at Plo?e and the western at Pile.
Stradun, the largest and most beautiful city street, divides the old town core into the northern and southern parts and is the main commercial artery of the old Dubrovnik core.
4. Lokrum Island

The Lokrum Island is first mentioned in 1023 as the site of the foundation of the Benedictine Abbey and Monastery.
According to the legend, Richard the Lionheart found rescue from shipwreck at Lokrum, returning in 1192 from a crusade from Palestine.

5.Sr? – a panorama and a museum
Mount Sr? rises above Dubrovnik from its northern side.
Sr? is 413 meters high and on it stands the monumental fortress Imperial, which was built at a strategic location in 1810 during Napoleon’s occupation.